Preparing for the 3d2d Westend Fair

Well it’s quite exciting to find out that I will be exhibiting at the Edinburgh Festival for a full 3 weeks, that’s 23 days in a row!!! I’m used to doing the first 9 days but this year I’m exhibiting during the whole festival.

So I’m going to have to work my bum off for the next few months preparing and making new work for the fair. Ever since I started making jewellery I have been purchasing stones and beads throughout the years as I can not resist a bit of colour and sparkle! However I’ve not had the chance to make everything into finished pieces of jewellery.

As you can imagine I have quite a lot of stones now and they have just been sitting in my materials pile not getting used. So the other day I decided to have a wee look through some of the stones that I have, to spark some inspiration and make new pieces.

IMG 20130411 00309 1024x768 Preparing for the 3d2d Westend Fair

A selection of some of my stones – Amethyst, aquamarine, green quartz, onyx, coral, and pearls

In the image is a selection of amethyst, aquamarine, onyx, coral and pearls. I have plenty more stones and beads but I decided to start with one of my favourite stones, aquamarine and placed them together with some samples of silver I had been working on. Then all of a sudden a new neckpiece, bracelet and earrings set were formed.

IMG 20130411 00312 1024x768 Preparing for the 3d2d Westend Fair

Work in progress in my studio

I had been working on creating new textures on the metal, so used this piece of silver as a detail on the necklace. Then combined it with white fresh water pearls and aquamarine.

aqua ribbon neck 300x189 Preparing for the 3d2d Westend Fair

Above is the finished necklace and below is a close up of the silver detail at the front, then the next image is the detail of the catch at the back. It has a hidden hook catch which clips behind the silver piece so can’t be seen from the front.

aqua ribbon necklace close up 1024x680 Preparing for the 3d2d Westend Fair

catch detail 1024x530 Preparing for the 3d2d Westend Fair

ribbon aqua pearl bracelet 1024x680 Preparing for the 3d2d Westend Fair

Aquamarine, fresh water pearls and silver ribbon detail bracelet. These two pieces are completely one off pieces so if you would like to purchase these get in touch.

If you would like something similar made with different stones I also do commission work.

Each week a plan to make at least one new piece of jewellery from the stones that I have in stock. So watch this space to see the new creations.


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