18ct white gold vintage pendant with 56 diamonds and 9 cultured pearls
silver guitar pendant

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Chances are you are thinking of getting a unique piece, or bespoke piece of jewellery made but you don’t know where to start, let alone where to go or who to contact. With that in mind here is some information to let you see how you could commission a piece of jewellery. For some inspiration and to see previous commissions visit my blog or view the gallery at the bottom of the page.

If you already have your own ideas of how you would like the piece to look, I would ask you to bring along some pictures or sketches of jewellery you like or email these with the filled in consultation form. If you want me to design the piece for you, these images will be my starting point to get to know you and will give me inspiration to design your piece. If you don’t have any ideas and want me to design it for you this is no problem, all this can be discussed at the consultation.

If you just want me to make a replica piece of jewellery from a big brand jeweller like Tiffany, Pandora, Chanel, and get it for cheaper, then this is not possible as it is against copyright laws and goes against my values of a designer maker. I would hate it if someone copied my designs and I would never do it to someone else. What I can do is take elements/inspiration from the design(s) that you like and design something bespoke for you.

I charge between £100-250 non refundable design fee which has to be paid upfront if you are wanting me to design the piece for you. This is not taken off the final cost for making the piece. If you already have your own design (which you have not copied directly from the internet) and no adjustments need to be made, then the design fee may be charged at a lower rate. This can be discussed at our consultation.

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Once the design fee is paid, I can go away and design a piece for you based on what was discussed at your consultation. I can then email you sketches or we can arrange to meet again to go over the designs. To see the process of a finished commission visit my blog.

Once you are happy with the designs and materials, have agreed on budget and timescale, I require 50% deposit up front and the final payment is made on collection.

If you are not based in Dundee all of this can be done over Skype and /via email so don’t worry if you can’t get through to meet me at my studio. I have had clients that I have never met before. The power of technology! If you can not collect your finished piece of jewellery, it can also be posted by special delivery to you, which will incur a postage charge.

Like the Guinness advert says “Good things come to those who wait”. It takes time to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you and it is not good to put the pressure on the designer. Commissions can take from 4-8 weeks, but it depends on how complicated the piece is to make. (it can take longer on busy months from July-December). If you have a specific date you want the piece made by, please discuss this at the consultation, but don’t expect me to be able to make this special piece within 1 week! Once your item is ready, I will email you to arrange an appointment to return to the studio to collect your new jewels and pay the final amount.

Whether it’s for a special birthday, anniversary, graduation or wedding, I can make pieces for all occasions as a gift to yourself or a loved one.

I prefer to be contacted initially though email at contact form. I will ask you to fill in a consultation form. After this is filled in and emailed to me, I like to arrange a face to face appointment with my clients to meet me at my studio, to discuss what requirements you have. The consultation is free. When I am designing a bespoke piece of jewellery, it is designed specifically for you, so I like to get know a little bit about you and your style before I can design that special piece for you.