Genna Design is an award winning, Scottish jewellery designer maker

“Beautiful and inspirational jewellery to be worn and adored”

“Do you value unique, luxury, handmade products over the mass produced pieces that everyone else has?”

We can make bespoke jewellery to order for special occasions such as weddings. To mark a special occasion or need a special gift and you have an idea in mind for a earrings, engagement ring, wedding bands, tailor made shaped wedding bands to fit perfectly around engagement rings. Genna is happy to discuss your jewellery ideas to make your ideas into relativity. You can direct the creation of individual pieces or even


My next fair will be our Christmas Fair at WASPS Studios, Dundee on Sunday 26th November between 12-5pm. Hope to see you there. Thank you for checking out my jewellery. Best wishes Genna Dismiss