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In this exciting session you’ll;

  • Get super clear on what you want your jewellery to mean for you
  • Identify the materials and design elements you want to include
  • Allocate a budget you’re happy with for the project

Please Note: Each Answer Requires A 15 Character Minimum

Name Please enter your full name

Email Please enter your full email address

Please be aware that commissions in gold start from £600 upward, melting down revamp rings start from £850, this is not including setting or providing gemstones.

What is your budget

Please rank the following 6 elements of your jewellery in order from 1 (most) to 6 (least important)




Quality of specific materials - (please specify in the box below)

What look and feel are you looking for from your jewellery/do you have a design, sketch or images you want to work from – please include links to any images? Bring these with you to your consultation. If you don't have an idea this can be discussed at your free consultation.

What materials, dimensions/thickness, size/type/cut of stones are you thinking of?

Have you done any research into having this piece made already? If so, what are your thoughts so far?

What do you want this piece of jewellery to represent for you?

Is there a specific occasion you need your jewellery for – please include the date?

How ready are you to commit to commissioning this piece on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being ‘just curious’ to 10 being ‘very serious’

Thanks for sharing this.

How did you hear about Genna Design?

If you have any questions or queries about a commission or completing this form please call 0779 329 1050 or email and ask for Genna Delaney

I consent to having Genna Designs collect my name and email

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