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Wing Cube Pendant


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Are you looking for a unique pendant to match your individual style?

This pendant is striking and makes a statement. Each of the shapes are independent from each other and can be worn individually to create 3 separate pieces. The inspiration from this piece comes from my love of the coast watching birds fly over the water and incorporates influences from natural rock formations.

This collection is modular so you can mix and match with other shapes in the collection. The 2 wing pieces are made in solid silver and can be worn without the black polyamide cube in the centre. The necklace comes with a silver omega neck wire that bends and moves with the body, making a comfortable necklace.

Silver pieces are 2cm x 1.5cm

Black cube is 1.8cm x 1.7cm

The story behind my 3D Printed Collection

With the advances in new technology, I never want to be left behind with my practice so I decided to experiment with 3D Printing to create my new collection of jewellery. However as handmade skills are extremely important in my practice I also didn’t want these skills to be lost in the making of the new collection. So I have incorporated 3D printing technology with handmade skills to produce my new Gothic Cube Collection.

This collection has been designed by using the Cloud 9 design programme, by Anarkik3D. The programme is really fun to use as you can design serendipitous shapes with a haptic mouse. The haptic mouse is sensory so you can feel a sensation when you touch the object with the curser, so it allows you to feel like you are sculpting and moulding the shapes.

I use the programme to create shapes that I wouldn’t be able to make by hand (or at least they would be extremely difficult, time consuming and costly to make!) Then I get these shapes 3D printed in a hard wearing, but lightweight material called Polyamide. Getting them printed in this material, allows me to produce really chunky, statement pieces, without them totally wearing you down. I love to wear chunky pieces but as I have an underactive thyroid, I have a weak neck and decided to experiment making large statement pieces that aren’t heavy to wear. The solution is my 3D printed collection.

Each piece is solid and looks like chunky metal, but each of the coloured shapes are made in Polyamide, so they are durable and light to wear.


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