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The Story Of Love
Ron And Alison

Ron And Alison

What does jewellery mean to you? Why do people wear jewellery?

These are questions that I constantly think about. Whenever I do a bespoke commission for a client I always ask them who is the piece for? What do they look like and what is their style of jewellery? Is there a story or a special occasion? Is it a sentimental piece?

Jewellery reflects the love of a person as well as sparks emotions and memories. It’s more than just a one off gift or a piece of art, it lasts a lifetime. Jewellery can have a story before it goes to a jeweller and the piece(s) can be revamped to make more memories. I love to find out more about my clients and want to tell you their stories.

Here is the story of Ron and Alison. These are his words,

“Back to 1964 and I enlisted in the Royal Marines in March of that year and off I went to Deal in Kent as a trainee.

As a momento of my leaving my Mum and Dad gave me the signet ring for Christmas 1964 age 17.

Alison and I had already been boy and girlfriend at school for 3/4 years.

On completion of Commando training I was off to the Far East on active service in Borneo for 18 months.

On my return to UK Alison and I took up where we had left although we communicated continually during the time we had been apart and remained boy and girlfriend.

In August of 1967 we married and as I travelled throughout the World Alison would be stationed in whichever part of England my unit was based and continued to nurse.

We are now married 48 years but two years ago the signet ring became too tight on my finger and I had to reluctantly have it removed.

After discussion with Jenny we decided to commission Genna to incorporate my signet ring, which is gold, along with a silver band for Alison’s 70th birthday.

Unfortunately, due to serious illness on my part, this commission has taken on a meaning of mega proportion and means that Alison will continue to wear the ring with both our sentiments, not to mention my parents who died many years ago.

I am grateful to Genna for the marvellous job she has done on completing commission and to Jenny, my lovely daughter who’s inspired idea it was to have this done. Ron XXX”


When I first started revamping these pieces I wasn’t sure if I would use both rings, but they both had stories and memories. Jenny told me her mum wore silver and gold so I decided to revamp the chunky ring into a new ring adding silver and made the thinner sovereign into a pendant. As it has Ron’s initials I thought that would be nice keep sake for Alison to wear. She was thrilled with the pieces and it was a complete surprise. She had no idea that Ron and Jenny had arranged this. Isn’t love wonderful!

Revamped Ring Pendant For Jenny's Mum

Revamped Ring Pendant For Jenny’s Mum

Here is some feedback from Jenny about writing this story and what the commission means to her, in her own words,

“Genna, this is wonderful. I am touched by your words and delighted you kept my Dad’s words too. Thanks for commissioning you?? The thanks is all from us as a family. The piece has tied together a part of them and it has not been off my mum’s finger since. The ring and dad, are very much part of her and it will be the remaining physical part that will stay with mum throughout her years. I am so touched by what you have done in such an amazingly creative way and with such skill and passion. This will be the first of many commissions from us I expect, but maybe the most sentimental. The pendant is worn regularly and looks amazing. A nice way to bring around conversation about dad under difficult circumstances when it is noticed by friends. All too often people don’t know what to say during and after a serious illness so this way it can offer a nice way in. The jewellery becomes part of you. Never so much as in this commission x Thank you Jenny”


Tell me your stories. What does jewellery mean to you? Why do you wear your jewellery? What’s your favourite piece?


Can't thank you enough it was exactly as we asked for and a lot more x better start saving for the Eternity ring you're going to be making next for June .... a very happy couple xx


My family bought me a voucher for a 1:1 workshop to make a silver ring for my Birthday. Genna's workshops are informative in the process of jewellery making and good fun. Genna has a lovely teaching style.

Best of all you go home with a beautiful ring you made.

I would definitely do another workshop and if I could give Genna 10 stars I would. Thank you.


Picked up my Wedding Ring today and words can't describe how happy I am. It looks amazing. Few wee (happy) tears on the way home. Thank you so much. p.s. thank you from my "Mum" too xxx


Genna design recently carried out a repair on my wife's engagement ring. I could not fault Genna's workmanship and the cost of the repair was very competitive. I would not hesitate to return in the future.


I had a fantastic time on Saturday, thanks Genna for being patient. Love my ring. Robert asked what I was making next so I might be back. Thanks once again for a great day x


Had a lovely day with Genna making our wedding rings! What a great touch to add to our special day! Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to make their wedding rings, more than just a ring!

Stephanie 2018

Genna created my engagement and wedding ring and they are absolutely beyond perfect! She really took her time at the initial consultation and went over all of the tiniest details - when we got the pictures of the finished rings I was totally blown away - they were exactly what I had pictured in my head, if not better!!


Genna, it was lovely to meet you last evening and I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the beautiful necklace. It is truly gorgeous. What a talent you have. I've not taken it off since last Thursday! I was even wearing it for Crufts all weekend!

Keep following your dream!

Jenny Campbell 2018

Really enjoyable and educational day, we both had loads of fun. Would recommend to anyone looking to make there own personalised ring

Gordon & Gill

As Alison and Ron’s neighbours we have witnessed first hand this special and devoted love and the beautiful commission pieces you made reflect beautifully their enduring love . Alison wears them with humble pride.


Today my mother enjoyed her Christmas treat from us – a four hour ring making class with jeweller Genna Delaney. She totally loved it and has made a wonderful ring. She reckons Genna is a natural teacher. As a former head teacher she’s good at spotting such talents. If you want to learn jewellery making then Genna is the person to see!

Prof Mike Press

Whoah this blog is fantastic. I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You know, a lot of people are searching around for this information, you can aid them greatly.


I'm over the moon with my ring! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful piece which means so much to me. I absolutely love it.

Irene 2018

Thanks so much for the beautiful ring I bought yesterday!! Will be in touch about a commission a piece soon!!

Julia Wang, NY

Genna has lots of lovely jewellery to buy. The best things are bespoke though. She made me a few unique items using much loved heirlooms and updating them.

Bonnie Lee, TX